About Me

Welcome! I’m Mistress J, and this is a personal blog recounting the events, people, conversations, and thoughts that revolve around the wonderful world of dating- written in the tone of a comical tirade. It’s 99% truth, <1% satire, with a smidgen of hyperbole. This site is intended solely to entertain and humor you- at my expense, of course. If you find yourself inappropriately laughing at work or nodding in agreement, well I apologize for 1). risking your getting in trouble with the Boss and/or looking like a crazy person and 2). just for the fact that you can empathize- oy! If, however, you happen to find yourself offended by what I have to say, well tough shit and stop reading my blog.

With so many years of dating under my skirt, it can’t be helped that there is some really good material to be recounted. A person can only spend so much time sulking, contemplating revenge, and questioning the existence of a compassionate God. Instead, I’ve decided to write about these gripes and laugh about it all. It’s all about perspective, and I choose to be comical about it. I have a lot of people asking if these stories are true; sadly and shockingly, yes they are.

I like commas, and I like curse words. Sometimes, they’re just plain necessary. I’m not normally such a potty mouth in every day speech, so I’m going to exercise that power on this site. You’ll see a shit ton of them in my posts, so I hope you mother fucking like punctuation marks and the goddamn correct use of grammar rules.

Anyway, enjoy my posts or die. Thanks.





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