All the Cute Ones Are Batshit Crazy

in Conversations with People

Me: Beta blocker boy is soooo cute but fkn CRAZY. Why oh why oh why? He’s like certifiably crazy
Roommate: hahaha. how so?
Me: Alcoholic who’s clean for 10yrs. He’s 31. So um, he drank a shit ton when he was a kid?
Roommate: OMG
Me: Sees a shrink, was on every type of antidepressants, attends AA meetings. The whole gambit. And super sensitive about a lot of issues
Roommate: like?
Me: And smokes pot 24/7
Roommate: shiiiitt
Me: About his sobriety
Roommate: what is he sensitive about?
Me: About women
Roommate: why women?
Me: His atheistic views. About him not wanting children. He was burned in the past. But damnit, he’s so physically attractive to me
Roommie: maaaann
Me: So I’m meetin up with him next week anyway. hahahahaa
Roommie: is there an issue he doesnt have?
Roommie: :)
Me: Erectile

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