At Least He’s Honest

in Emails from Suitors

Women are always saying how they would love to meet an honest man, since honest men are so difficult to find. Well ladies, if honesty is what you seek, I’ve got just the guy for you! Well, if you can look past a few minor details:

BrokeButHonest: New to the area and pretty much looking for a sugar momma to help me out while I try to transition to a new city. Not afraid to work but have honestly sold drugs my whole life. Dont wanna live like that anymore so Im doing what I can to kick my past. Im halfway smart like to read have a GED and College Certificate in electrical suck at video games but like them love movies (good ones pteferably pre 2010) love movies a lot as my life has been loveless for sometime. Besides that not a lot to say

Of the thousands of people I’ve met in my life, at most maybe a couple have openly admitted to not being the sharpest tool in the shed. Don’t you notice how everyone complains how everyone else is so stupid? Never are they part of the league of dumbasses. That’s why I find this young lad to be rather refreshing. If he didn’t tell me he was a proud recipient of some type of electrical certificate (I don’t believe there are programs in electrical sucking. Then again, I could be wrong), I would have taken him for a pharmacist with the drug selling and all. A pity that he’s not much of a talker, too. There are only so many movies to distract me from the fact that he’s “halfway smart” and looking for a handout despite being “not afraid to work”.

If only he was more attractive. I’m sure there are some wealthy, old ladies who could use a boy toy who knows how to score some high quality coke.

Sharpest Tool

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