I’ve seen countless guys who post outdated photos alongside more recent ones, and that makes me wonder why they don’t have better judgment. Do they expect me to think, “Aww, he used to be good looking!”? Or do they want me to see their potential should time suddenly travel backwards and they miraculously lose those flanking love handles, their hairline slides down 2 inches, and the detrimental effects of UV rays and gravity are no longer visible? I get why people would post only outdated photos of them in their heyday, but why would you allow me to play the “identify what’s different” with your pictures? Here’s a tip: don’t use photos where one is taken with a digital camera alongside those taken with film 15 years ago. We can tell.

That’s one gripe we online daters normally have, but there’s an even more seedy new trend emerging. Studies show that profiles with more than 3 photos solicit more responses from potential suitors than profiles that have less. The more photos one has, the likelihood of accurate representation increases. Also, it’s been proven that main profile photo matters immensely. It’s the shiny lure we all use to coax people to visit our profile. People know this, so they use it to their advantage by posting the most attractive photo possible. Well, that’s suppose to be the idea anyway. However, some men have taken it up a notch. They post a photo of an extremely attractive person, but that person isn’t them. This is the “bait and switch”, ladies. I don’t know about you guys, but I notice these glaring discrepancies.

PhotoDeceiver is one such person. He instant messaged me, but before I responded, I read his profile first. Everything read well enough- no red flags. Well, that is until I went to look at his photos. Main profile photo: two handsome, relatively young, fit males with great smiles. Second, third, and fourth photos… not so much. Why? Because these photos looked absolutely NOTHING like either guys in the main photo. Uh, the man in the latter pictures look more like the older brother of the two (and by brother, I mean adopted because there was no transfer of the handsome gene). I couldn’t resist responding to him and see what’s his ploy.

PhotoDeceiver: hello …
Me: Hello
PhotoDeceiver: great smile nice profile up for chatting?
Me: thank you for the compliment. who are the guys in your main profile photo?
PhotoDeceiver: Me at a game. why you like that pic best? How’s this site been did you (hmm been did. I must have not paid attention when this tense was covered in English class)
Me: Oh, it is a great photo but I’m asking who the guys are because neither of them look like you in the other photos you’ve posted. It just looks as if it doesn’t belong with the rest. Got an explanation for that? I get wary on this site. I have no patience for anything that remotely seems deceiving. This site has been… overwhelming. There’s a lot of b.s. to sift through
PhotoDeceiver: Too much bs on here (uh yeah, and you’re one of the reasons). I have plenty of pics on my phone if we get that far lol. I am a straight shooter not a back and forth message guy
Me: Ah, too bad bc I’m a back and forth type of girl, so this won’t work. I suggest you not use someone else’s photo if you want to cut that b.s. you’re mentioning


Way to avoid being called out on your bullshit,”straight shooter”. Yeah, as if I want to exchange phone numbers to see more crappy photos to corroborate with the fact that you are using a fake profile photo to reel in the ladies. Some men are such idiots by thinking women will overlook this deceit and welcome his advances. Move along, move along…

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