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Not all people have high standards or are picky when it comes to dating. These people know what’s important to them and won’t go out of their way to chase rainbows. That’s cool; to each his own. Private Brian is one of these simple men. He and I went on two dates but remained “friends” on FB. I find him an amusing oddball, and he inadvertently provides material for my blog, so what the heck…

About a year after our last date:

Me: I see you found yourself a nice little lady there!
Private Brian: Yeah, she’s a good woman. Cooks and sucks dick well.
Me: That’s freakin lovely. A guy’s gotta have standards to uphold.
Private Brian: I don’t need much.

When you’re stationed in the boondocks of Louisiana, standards are to remain minimal if you are to find someone to date and fornicate with. I suppose she’s better than the rest out there since she has most of her teefs intact. I’m sure she’s just as excited that he’s not one of her cousins! Win-win!

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