Can’t Be Too Safe

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I understand there are tons of shady people who waste others’ time, especially on online dating platforms. I also understand that’s why some people want to quickly verify the person on the other end. Still, hold your freakin’ horses, man! I like to have at least a couple of conversations via IM to see if there is any real interest first. Also, it helps me better judge if you’re a tool/loony bin. Is that too much of me to ask? Apparently, yes.

After chatting for 10 minutes for the first time:

Rusher: are you the girl that won’t talk on the phone until 544 messages have been exchanged?
Me: no, just until I feel the guy is not a crazy stalker/threat
Rusher: i’m a teacher with fingerprints in the FBI database.
Me: so do convicted pedophiles. what is your point?

Oh, I should feel totally confident and safe because you’re a “teacher”? Not saying he’s lying, but he could totally be. I can’t tell after 10 minutes of typing! Sheesh, go grab a beer, grade some papers, let’s chat for a bit longer, and CHILL THE FUCK OUT.

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