Can’t Keep Track

in Conversations with People

It’s not that I like to spread myself thin when it comes to dating. I just find myself talking to more than one guy at a given time. Many men go MIA, stopping communication but then reappear later, or they just don’t seem serious so I don’t take them seriously. Whatever the combination, I just don’t put all my eggs in one basket. What I do do is always tell my Bestie about the new flavor of the week. I didn’t realize I was operating like a Baskin Robbins, though.

Bestie: are u gonna let someone else read your cover letter today?
Me:  yeah just sent it to Greg. said he’ll read after his meeting
Bestie:  who’s greg?
Me:  the dude i used to talk to but who pissed me off, so i stopped talking to him. he contacted me yesterday
Bestie: with the doggie?
Me: no.
Bestie: MBA guy?
Me: no.
Bestie: oh the one who lives uptown?
Me: haha nosorry, so many guys you cant keep up.  haha should I make an excel spreadsheet? lol
Bestie:  yup!  easy to search for a name too. omg… your lil black book… has become an excel spread sheet

Ah, apparently this guy already had this system figured out! I should use his template.


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