Confucius says, “Man with cheesy line gets no response!”

in Emails from Suitors

I’ve been known to laugh at and appreciate cheesy pick-up lines, but when it’s neither clever nor funny, you get nothing but a pity look from me.

CheesyMan: My Chinese Fortune Cookie says, ” A new romance is in the future” Could it be you?”

As soon as I read this email, I felt a little offended thinking this man was poking fun of my 45 degree angled eyes, but upon further inspection, it was obvious he has some sort of an Asian fetish. His profile pictures consisted of him posing with a multitude of young, yellow-tinted females who were probably working a Hot Import Nights convention. Best of all, he’s a 56 year old man dressed in too tight Ed Hardy t-shirts. No… just… no.

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