Don’t Be Fooled

in Conversations with People

His online profile read well: working on MBA, spends free time coaching kids’ basketball, loves dogs. No red flags there. Until he messaged me…

TMI Guy: helllloooo is mistress ur username because u are dominant?
Me: in conversations i tend to be
TMI Guy: i like that. i love being dominant in person but being submissive in conversations. is that normal?
Me: you tend to learn more when you’re more apt to listening. it’s not abnormal
TMI Guy: well thats good. i tend to love sticking dildos in my ass for ppl online. and licking my cum. but in person i make the other ppl do that stuff

I was so appalled by his last line and immediately X-ed out the conversation window without any witty comment to follow! Doh, an opportunity lost to put an idiot in his place. I can’t always have my A-game ready. Ugh. I should have a list of comebacks ready for dipshits like this.


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