Down Boy, Down

in Emails from Suitors

It’s simple to deduce that I’m a dog lover from my profile. I talk about having and wanting a dog, and there are a couple of photos with me and some 4-legged furry friends. Men who pay attention use this information to get noticed and admittedly, I fall for it at times. Other times, though, some guys just manage to make it exceptionally… weird.

Puppy Love: I wish I was your puppy, so you could hold me the way you hold your puppy. :) I could be your puppy.

His repeated use of the word “puppy” made his email a tad bit strange, right? Did he fear his point would fly over my head? Does he think iteration is the key to a girl’s heart? Too bad I’m not in the market for a man-canine; otherwise, I would have been interested in a butt-sniffing, poop-eating, ball-licking dog boy.



This video is adorable if you overlook the fact that the person is gingerly caressing the puppy’s mouth… WTF?

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