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I LOVE synonyms. With correct usage, one can turn banal writing into literary bouquets to rouse the senses! However, when you list several synonymsynonyms in one sentence, it’s just stupid and vacuous and absurd because it’s unnecessary and extraneous and gratuitous. Do you grasp and understand and comprehend what I’m saying?

SynonymSam: I am known to be very extreme and intense. I am a very deep, intense person, there is always more then meets the eye. I present a cool, detached and unemotional air to the world yet lying underneath is tremendous power, extreme strength, intense passion and a strong will and a persistent drive. I have a very penetrative mind, do not be surprised if I ask questions, I am trying to delve deeper and figure things out and survey the situation. I always want to know why, where and any other possible detail I can possibly know. I am very weary of the games that other people try to play and I am very aware of it. I tend to dominate and control anyone that lets me. I know one thing i’m vary adaptable and am much better live and in person….. and look younger than my age. The person that I respects and holds close to I treated with amazing kindness, loyalty and generosity. On the outside, I have great secretiveness and mystery. This magnetically draws people to me.

In case you missed it:

1. deep and more then (sic) meets the eye
2. detached and unemotional
3. tremendous power and extreme strength
4. penetrative mind and trying delve deeper
5. figure things out and survey the situation
6. dominate and control
7. secretiveness and mystery
8. intense and intense and intense

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