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Ah, the touchy subject of marriage. Is it a right or a privilege? If you’re asking me, I believe in the equal opportunity for all consenting adults to marry. Want to wed your cousin? No prob, keep that bloodline pure, Jim Bob and Mary Sue Ellen! Same-sex marriage? Sure! Homosexual sex is sin-fully delicious! Love LOVE your dog a little more than the average person? Hold the fuck up; that shit is just wrong on all levels. I’m drawing the line here, you sick bastard!

Sis: But of course… you can marry your 1st cousin but not someone you love who happens to be the same gender. This actually isn’t a surprise, especially with all the southern states like Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, etc… nice. Makes a whole lot of frackin sense
Me: Wow, MS isn’t one of the states? That’s surprising! Guess they can just hop one state over and marry their AL cousins instead. Then head off to FL for their honeymoon where they’re welcomed!
States allowing cousins to marry

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