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I’m not too bothered by men who have fetishes. Everyone is entitled to like what he likes and to get off… I suppose. I’m just not that understanding when it comes to extreme sexual deviants (e.g. anal probing with small rodents or paraphilic infantilism; that is just unsettling). Then there’s the more gray area- racial fetishism. Am I bothered by that? Nope because I’ve met these men who proclaim they only date Latinas/Asians/Caucasians (hmm, wonder why AA women didn’t make the cut?) and guess what? They treat these females like… real humans! I’ve yet to meet a guy who ogles a female from a specific race as JUST sexual objects. As a matter of fact, I’ve only seen that stereotype in porn and old war movies. It’s more like a preference, in my opinion. I couldn’t date a guy with small hands (and no, it’s not because I think there’s a correlation with penis size. soooo not true!). Does that make a hater for being an anti-small handerer (I’m sure there’s a technical term for this, but I’m too lazy to Google it)? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are shitheads who truly do have racial fetishism; I’ve just been lucky enough not to run into them. If I ever do though, I’ll be sure to kick ’em in the taint.

So Jowls is a guy who prefers to date Asian women. His issue is wanting certain attributes that don’t normally come with an Asian female. Maybe he should rethink his preference?


Me: the chics you’re dating really aren’t doing it for you, huh?
Jowls (dude has the largest mandibular angle I’ve ever seen. I’m sure he can crack a walnut with no problem): not really…i like the hard, heavy aggressive kind. still waiting on one to let me actually go through with anal
Me: HAHA you need to stop dating little spinners who are afraid of it
Jowls: i give them points for trying. but…you’re right
Me: You like Asians… I dont think they were built to your liking. You should go for like Latina or something
Jowls: i want big tits and a big ass
Me:  Latina?
Jowls: and kinky
Me: Latina?!
Jowls: no, Asian
Me:  you’re asking for like, the holy grail dude
Me: kinky, big ass, big boobed Asian? Why not ask for her to be a good driver while you’re at it?

I’m not exactly sure why he’s into Asian females so much then? Maybe he’s just into getting something rare? That’d make more sense.


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