Fun Bags

in Emails from Suitors

I don’t post seductive photos of myself or any that are revealing on my dating profile, so how this man deduced that my tits are nice is rather impressive. He must have special powers.

Titty Man: Are your tits real? Im a tity man I love nice sets and yours look pretty nice. I know u hear that alot.

Hey Titty Man, thanks for the compliment. Yes, they are real and were given to me by the grace of God to satiate your and the rest of your male kind’s infatuation with breasts. By the way, is your brain working? I’m a girl who’s into intellect, and I love a smart guy. However, you don’t seem to be functioning at full capacity, so I’ll pass. I know you probably hear that a lot.

Just for once, I’d like for someone to not reduce me to just a set of fun bags, but to see me for ALL that I truly am- a smart, kind, and loving individual WITH an amazing rack…not to mention a huge caboose to boot. Is that so much to ask???!



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