Good Intentions

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Personally, I would limit sending correspondence to online dating prospects to only 2 attempts. One email elicited no response? It could have gotten lost among the rest or got sucked into a cyber black hole, so if you don’t hear back, send a second email. No response after second attempt? Odds are fair to good that she’s not interested. No response after 6th email? She’s afraid of you and have added you to her “In Case I Go Missing, Here Are the Possible Culprits” list.


Sincere guy with good intentions? Or stalker in the making? I’m not curious enough to find out.

There is NO changing a woman’s mind with an 8th email; trust me. I’m not playing hard to get, I promise. Persistence and finally getting the girl to succumb to your charms only happen in movies- not in online dating. Maybe I’m just too insecure to think I’m so darn awesome that it causes sane men to lose track of reason and insist we connect despite never having heard back from me. Maybe it’s the scary stories I’ve read about stalkers and overly enamored folks that make me shudder when I see a guy keep pushing for a chance. Oh whom am I kidding? I’m just an uber judgmental prick and don’t dig the neediness. Have some pride, man! With me, I put it out there twice at max (maaaaybe three times if he has a super cute dog I want to pet), and if the guy doesn’t bite, I gather what dignity/pride/self-worth I have left (and pick up a healthy dose of humor while I’m at it) and move on because the reality of it is, I really don’t give a rat’s ass whether a guy responds or not. This online dating thing is a numbers game. NEXT!


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