Guys, Say No to Chin Straps

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Ah, the subject of male grooming usually leads to the topic of facial hair. Anyone who dedicates a couple of minutes to his daily grooming routine is good in my book. Have a unibrow? Pluck that shit. Humans should have TWO eyebrows. Think sideburns is oh so 90210? Shave that shit. Even Luke Perry is no longer rockin it. Just don’t go overboard with the tweezing and shaving. You may end up looking like a little bitch. Seriously.

Me: Matt says he can’t stand when he goes to a bar or club and sees a cute girl with a tool- ie. dude with a chin strap. I didnt know what a chin strap was until he told me and yes, it’s quite disgusting
Sis: umm lost me. Lol. i dont know what that is
Me: the thin beard
Sis: lol OH. Hahahaha yea
Me: eeeeek right?
Sis: those are so ugly
Me: the only person who needs it for his look is Jafar from Aladdin
Sis: lmfao.yea. gross. chin strap then that lil like to the lower lip. gag
Sis: and thin eyebrows
Sis: and they’re straight  men
Sis: *smh* groomed. so fkn bitchy looking. seriously, some chicks like a “groomed faced” guy
Me: all I ask is no unibrow
Me: but anything arched, peace out
Sis: dudes are seriously arching now a day though… so.. .gross
Sis: i think that when they go get threaded/waxed, the chicks over do it and the dudes dont know any better
Me: yeah, rule of thumb: if your eyebrows look better than mine, no go

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