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After a couple of years living with my roommate, I eventually moved out but not before finding her a replacement. *cue biggest mistake* At first, I thought it was a perfect setup and that he was just a “regular guy”. We went on a few dates and I got to “know” him enough to believe he was safe since there was no glaring red flags. Whoops. He flew really low on my radar, and I missed the cuckoo signs. Eventually, this fuckface showed his true colors, and I’m left with a life-long guilt.

Roommate: and he’s crazy
Me: I bet
Roommate: No, he’s really crazy. he sees ghosts. not here at the apartment though. he says we dont have them in here
Me: OMG. HOLY FUCK. I’m soooooo sorry
Roommate: he says there are none here so… good gooda
Me: white kids + the suburbs + too much drugs = off their fucking rocker

In addition to seeing ghosts, he was super paranoid and thought everyone in the world (except his mother. I am not exaggerating) had a mission to take him down. In my defense, none of his delusional beliefs ever came up in conversation. How much time does one need to invest to find out if someone is a freaking nutjob?!!

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