He’s a Giving Fungi!

in Conversations with People

There are times when there’s a lull in going on dates or emails are uneventful and not worth noting. That means a shortage in material to blog about, so I ask people for advice. I wasn’t expecting to use the conversation itself as a post, but I’ll take it!

Me: As a reader, what topic would you like to see on my website?
Neighbor: Oh, if you want to get your site popular, you gotta write about sex. I would like to read about how to perform fungilingus.
Me: Wait, what?
Neighbor: You know, how to go down on a girl. Give tips on how to do it well

I think this is what happened in his little brain:

*fellatio + cunnilingus = fungilingus???*

It would have been more interesting if he was asking how to please both a man and a woman at the same time. That or introduce me to a new type of foreplay that involves mushrooms.

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