It Ain’t Easy Being Cheesy

in Emails from Suitors


CheesyI understand it can be tough for guys when it comes to dating because they’re usually the ones to make the first move. With that first move, they have to make an impression that will not only get our attention but also will make us want to respond positively. Needless to say, a lot… A LOT… of men do it incorrectly. They’re either rude and condescending, incoherent and creepy, trying way too hard with a 2 page manifesto, or just plain cheesy.

Kraft Boy: Hershey makes about a million kisses a day but I just want one from you. Pretty cheesy I know. Lol. I figured it is better than some of the e-mails you get. What is the worst line someone has sent you on here?

Well Kraft Boy, you’re one of the worst but at least you knew it was cheesy to begin with. Something tells me there are guys out there who truly do think that’s a good opening line.

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