It’s No Biggy. He’s Just Not Attractive from the Shoulders Up

in Conversations with People

I don’t always date men who fit my criteria of an ideal mate. I veer off the path when there’s some quality about that person that’s so great it shadows those I deem unfitting. Geez, I sound like such a snooty bitch, but you know you’ve done it too.

Bestie: Do you like him?
Me: Yeah, he’s nice and funny, and we have a great time together. Always laughing.
Bestie: Oooh potential?
Me: Well… I’m just not that physically attracted to him, though.
Bestie: What’s wrong with him?
Me: His head.
Bestie: His head?
Me: Yeah, it’s more than just an issue with not liking his face. The problem extends to the back of his head where there’s a bald spot and a big scar from his hair replacement surgery. And he lacks a neck. So yeah, I have an issue with his entire head.
Bestie: Aww, so you’re not going to see him anymore?
Me: Oh, I have a date with him tonight actually.

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