Keep It Muthaf*ckin’ Classy

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I met a Croation research scientist and thought dating him could be interesting, since we may have a lot to talk about as we’re in the same field. Well, as all conversations with men go (regardless of how intellectual he is), it always leads to talks about sex. Shocker.

Croation PhD: I’ve fucked women on my desk, in my boss’ office, in the fly room… everywhere. There’s been a lot of fucking in this lab. However, we had this graduate student who was caught doing his girlfriend bent over the biohazard box in the hot room. Can you believe that?! That’s just disgusting. At least I have standards and know better not to fuck over or near a biohazard box! 

Seriously, that is just deplorable. You don’t have to keep it classy- just keep it sanitary! I can’t say there was this much hanky panky in my lab. Maybe I was just too busy doing my experiments instead of boning dudes in the dark microscope room. Or maybe I just didn’t want to catch Gonorrhea.

biohazard box

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