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I’m big on going on day dates and doing something active. A) if date sucks, you have the rest of the day to make up for it and B) if you’re doing something fun, it’s easier to overlook that the date is boring. I’ve gone mountain biking, to food festivals, miniature golfing, and with Quirky Chris, I suggested kayaking. You see, I like doing all of these things, and even if the dude’s personality blows, I can still enjoy myself!

During lunch break on the river:

Quirky Chris: I’ve pretty much dated all types of women.
Me: Would you date someone who’s bi-sexual?
Quirky Chris: Well, I did date this girl who was my sister’s ex.
Me: Wait, what? So your sister…
Quirky Chris: Yeah, my sister used to be gay. I think she’s bi now.
Me: OK, so you and your sister both dated the same girl?
Quirky Chris: Yeah, and my sister dated her brother, too.
Me: Wow, you don’t say? Sharing is caring, I guess.
Quirky Chris: Yeah, the only thing left is for me and Tommy to date. It’s not happening.

  Btw, I LLLOOOVVVEEEE venn diagrams!

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