Knocking on Wood

in Conversations with People

There’s not much that my bestie and I don’t discuss. Sex is one topic that we cover from time to time. If you can’t tell your best friend your darkest, dirtiest secret, then whom can you tell? I’m just grateful she doesn’t judge me (at least not openly anyway) and is supportive of my lifestyle (at least openly anyway).

Bestie: You’ve done a lot of sexual stuff, right? Like, using a purple strap-on is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Me: Yeah, but I’ll never do anything like DP. Eww. Knock on wood.
Bestie: Wait, why would you knock on wood? You might happen to bend over when one guy behind you slips just as another guy in front of you falls and… Yeah, wrong use of an idiom there.
Me: What? You can never be too sure it can’t happen! *knocks on wood*

Adding another meaning to “Knocking on wood”.
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