Lesbian Dreams

in Conversations with People

I consider myself as having two best friends. Let’s call one Bestie and the other Loml. While Bestie and I have known each other since we were 17 yrs old, not once has anyone ever insinuated our relationship is any more than that. However, when it comes to Loml, there is always someone suggesting that there’s some hanky panky shit going on. WHY? It’s like some creepy old man’s fantasy- eeek!

Bestie: Omg. had a dream about you and *Loml*
Me: Oh?
Bestie: Both of ya’ll were in the room with me and I asked you if you guys were in love with each other… like not love each other but “IN LOVE” with each other. And ya’ll gave uneasy looks then i woke up. lol
Me: HAHAHA. Err… wth?
Bestie: What exactly happened on the camping trip? I tell ya, I have a 6th sense. Was it brokeback mountain-ish?

Even my Bestie subconsciously thinks there has been some kinky stuff between LOML and me. Can’t two female friends meet up every year for a camping trip in the woods without someone thinking we’re tickling each other’s berries? *smh*


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