I’ve had conversations with guys about tasting their own love juice, but most deny ever being curious enough to try it. If somehow you’ve been fortunate enough to not have ingested this delicacy, I’ll tell you it’s sometimes salty or sweet or bitter or the combination of, and it almost always has a chlorine-like smell. There is the clear or milky white variety, and the consistency can be super watery or thick like phlegm on the worst day of your flu. In my opinion, it’s not the best tasting thing to have in your mouth (oh, and it burns if you get it in your eye!). Trust me, I’d much rather be eating dark chocolate mousse or drink orange juice right after I’ve brushed my teeth for that matter, so that’s why I appreciate the courtesy tap. Wow, I sound like a connoisseur!


Beta-blocker Boy:  I know I’ve came in my own mouth as a teen.
Me:  Um. How was it?
Beta-blocker Boy:  Had to see what it was all about. Weird, I know. Growing up is awkward.

Beta-Blocker Boy may not be the most stable of guys, but at least he’s always honest! It takes a real man to admitting tasting his own jizz!

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