No Feet Fetish for You

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When I say I appreciate honesty, I really mean it. I don’t cherry-pick what I want to hear as truth and shun the rest. That means I usually have to wear my big girl panties because damn, some things are difficult to swallow.

I admit; I have weird looking toes. Seriously, it’s pretty gnarly. My third toe is shorter than the 4th one, and every day, the bunions grow larger. Sad. I know my feet are ugly, but dang, for a dude to point it out? Brutal!

Date #162: Your toes aren’t the right length. If they were teeth, they’d need braces.

This is precisely the reason why I should always wear low-cut, extra tight shirts with a push-up bra. Minimize the deformed body parts, and maximize the goodies!

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