One-way Street

in Emails from Suitors

Some men and their choice of words amuse me. Depending on the cosmos and the time of my menstrual cycle, my reaction varies. Today, I’m in heightened snarky mode. Perhaps I shouldn’t be posting for fear of seeming less than personable- as I usually am. Then again, maybe my cynical and sarcastic comments are why you visit my blog. Ow, I’m over-thinking this.

One way attraction


To address his question: Obviously, there is an attraction, but it’s one way and it’s not coming from me. I suppose typing the line, “Are you not attracted to me?” would imply the fault in no response is upon him. Easier for him to stomach when the responsibility is shared. (I have a problem: I read into semantics way too much. I don’t focus on the right things.)

Don’t get me wrong. I think he’s an attractive man despite his hyperthyroid eyes; I’m just not attracted to his look. Maybe it’s because he reminds me of Fritz Huhnmorder???

Evil scientist

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