Persistence Doesn’t Always Pay Off

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In the beginning, I tried to respond to everyone who emails me just to be courteous- even if it is to say I’m not interested. I know that whenever I contact someone and don’t get a response, I feel pretty shitty. What? I’m not even worth a “no thank you, miss”? I tried to avoid making others feel bad about themselves if I can help it. See, I’m like a saint in some ways. However, this practice quickly had to halt. I learned that a lot of men will disregard the content of your email and will try to dissuade you of your disinterest. What happens next is you responding with another awkward dismissal only to have him make yet another feeble attempt to give him a shot. Sadly, this can go on indefinitely. This is where persistence doesn’t always pay off. As a matter of fact, it can be remarkably time-consuming and irksome.


The only solution? Ignore. Pretend you never even read the damn email or received the instant message. The second you open the line of communication, the person thinks there’s a chance. Just save yourself from unnecessary annoyance. Disclaimer: ignoring does not guarantee cessation of email bombardment from persistent people:

1. Mr Hello: Redundancy is the way to a woman’s heart. Not.



2. Mr. Fireman: If you’re not interested, do you have any friends who would be??? Nope.


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