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You can literally find every type of person on an online dating website (well, except for the Amish and those with severe online phobia, but maybe even then I stand to be corrected). With this comes very bizarre, entertaining, alarming, and hilarious photos. Online dating isn’t just for finding love. It’s also a good source for laughs and shudders.

1. Flex Machine– this is just a super awkward flab flex. As a matter of fact, it looks as if his wrist is broken or that he’s imitating a unicorn stance. His goatee is pretty spot on, though!

Flex machineUunicorn

2. Driver’s License Boy– I’m just jealous my driver’s license photo is too hideous for anyone to see. He’s kinda cute actually, but seriously? This was the best you can do with a face like that???

Angry eyes

3. Catman– I thought he was mocking the “Single Cat Lady” persona, but upon further inspection of his album, he has more photos with felines. Um…


4. ‘Murica!– Land of the Free to wear whatever horrible looking clothes you want. Now that’s what I call freedom, ya’ll!

Murica5. Tinky Winky– the fact that I see a Teletubby when I view this photo does not sit well. Last I recall, Teletubbies don’t inspire panty dropping with the ladies.


6. Modern Day Jesus– Who better to model your look after other than The Son of God. Amen.


I’m not a dating guru with a lot of clout, so people don’t take my advice seriously when it comes to posting online dating photos. That’s fine; you’ll just be material for my blog.

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