Poet and Artist You Are Not

in Emails from Suitors

When I receive emails like these, it makes me want to cancel my account and throw my laptop at the first random male I see.

Jean Cocteau (artist/poet): The desire to know more about you is almost unbearable. I’m stammering around the keyboard typing, deleting, and retyping in an almost school-boy giddiness. Asking me why, curious I am, myself, can not explain it. I feel sheepish… I moved here from CO and am poetically revolted against, the spit fire that lives by the code of night, swaying the crowd like a conductor to an orchestra with smooth words and a look…and now here I am, lying still, but with an inward beast of electricity nipping at the tips of my fingers, restless, wanting adventure. I prefer the mystery and pondering of all the possibilities. Am fairly random and spontaneous and seeking the companionship of other friends, lovers, muses road trip partners or someone to explore a new restaurant bar,..  Care to tell me what are the little things in life that you enjoy? Tell me your favorite color, smell and time of the day? I have tons of Qs to ask you but I shall wait until I hear from you  Have a splendid day

Because two crazies in a relationship is just one too many! I’ll pass, thanks. There’s something extra creepy about a semi-coherent email plus ugly self drawing where the guy looks like a Stephen King character. *skin crawling* Seriously, that is his profile photo. I can’t imagine any girl besides a horror-film fan would be intrigued. Being artsy-fartsy and enigmatic may work with some girls, but I ain’t got time for dat! I have too much to figure out as it is and don’t want to be sifting through riddles and trying to find the words to describe what I’m smelling at the moment.

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