Schweddy Balls

in Conversations with People

Girl chat is awesome. We get to share information and learn from each other. If we’re lucky, it can be really funny too. The trust and bond I have with my close girl friends eliminate any barriers or filters, and we can be totally honest with each other!

Me:  he’s super smooth though. it’s nice. and he smells good.
Friend: yes a must. u ever a date a smelly guy?
Me: musky? yes. let’s not talk about it. haha don’t want to make you gag. he was just very “manly”
Friend: ew. i was with a guy once… so whatever happens so and so..i’m rubbing his balls and such…after I was done i took a whiff of my hand (dont’ ask me why!!!!!) and i thought i was gonna faint
Friend: ya
Me: you slap me in the face with surprises
Friend: learned my lesson REALLY FAST. stupid stupid stupid. sorry
Me: and i didnt mean down there! i meant underarms!
Friend: oh HAHAHAH. UM yea that’s what i meant. underarms
Me: haha i’ve never been with a guy who smelled THERE
Friend: LOL LOL
Me: wow. i thought i was gonna gross you out with underarm. you came back with smelly balls!
Friend: hahahah. yup..i win every time
Me: No, I think you lose on this one, my friend!
Me: you smelled stinky balls! did you say anything? i would look at him and be like, do you wash down there?
Friend:  omg..i was taken aback. like it was one of those things that you don’t believe the first time..b/c it’s just so rank! so i smelled private in the bathroom..and sure enough my first impression was correct
Me: you sniffed again? OMG
Friend: he does not clean his taint!!
Me: makes you wonder if your ass smells bad too, huh?
Friend: haha well it was the end of the day sweat accumulation… can’t blame him

Well… maybe a little filter couldn’t hurt here. *gag*

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