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Growing up in the good ol’ US of A, we view standards of beauty as something almost unattainable by the masses. They’re pretty damn unrealistic if you ask me. As a result, it’s difficult to find a woman who has a true healthy self image, and that’s just really sad. For those who are confident, well they’re deemed as full of themselves… well at least full of boobs…

Me:¬†Friend wants to throw a pool party Sunday and asked if I’d mind. I told her as long as no one minds my big tits in a bikini. She then said I have a big ego.
Sis: You do have a healthy-sized ego.
Me: I do not have a healthy ego. I just said I have big tits. Now if I said I have EPIC perfect tits…
Sis: I have a healthy ego too.
Me: Oh yeah? Is that where you store your ego? in your DD tits?
Sis: BIG ego to match the BIG tits.

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