Some Conversations Are as Bad as Getting an STD

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After several years of being single and dating a plethora of “men” (using this term loosely because many were more like boys, but I wanted to clarify as to not sound like a pedophile), I oftentimes find myself tired of putting forth any effort. You see, when I agree to commence communication or go on a date, I normally think this has potential to be something serious. With that thought in mind, I put effort into asking questions that matter, answering with eloquence, etc. etc. etc. However, after so many that don’t pan out, one starts to think it’s all futile- a “fuck it” mentality if you will.

Me: I’m to a point where I just want to know his first name and current health status and blood work. Cut through the b.s. from the get-go
Sis: That’s a great start. I mean, that’s pretty much all I want to know at first. Most of the time, it’s stopped right after sex, so elaboration is unnecessary and you don’t have all this useless information in your brain… leave space for those worthy of that space.
Sis: Filling the space between your legs is very temporary… the space in your brain, sometimes is filled forever… we don’t want that.
Me: Um, wow.
Sis: But really, filling your brain w/ useless info about a hookup is almost as bad as catching an STD… live with it a loooooooong time. I hate sometimes info about a past hookup pops back in my head and I’m like… ick. Can’t get rid of it with anything… not even alcohol. There’s no cleanse for that…

Word from the wise ol’ sister. Yup, some people’s conversations are as bad as catching an STD. Abstinence from getting too much information is a method to prevent contraction of scary post-hookup memory. She may be on to something here… Now if only I can develop a condom for the mind.

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