Sometimes Getting Ass Is All You Need

in Conversations with People

What is this misconception that only men want emotionless sex? Women are capable too, you know. I think most women aren’t just as flagrant about it. There are times when a girl just needs a good lay without all the strings and doubt and insecurity and unanswered texts and bullshit. Geez, all I’m asking for is a good orgasm. Love, I’ll check back with you later.

Neighbor: What did you do yesterday?
Me: Went out on a date.
Neighbor: *snickers* You know what I find most attractive in a girl? When’s she’s independent, doing her thing. It’ll come when she’s not looking for it.
Me: Who says I’m looking? I’m going out to have fun.
Neighbor: Isn’t that the point? Go on dates to look for love?
Me: Dude, I’m just looking for ass. Immediate gratification.
Neighbor: *silence*

Yup, some women don’t always have love on their minds. We can be as simple as a man. You know what’s great about just wanting to hook up, though? We can choose the hottest and most hung guy and not give two shits about what his political views are or how much he’s invested into his 401K. We don’t have to make concessions or attempt to rationalize, “yeah his face may be ugly but he’s soooo good with kids”. It’s just pure, unadulterated lust… and it can be fucking aaaawwwweeesooommmeee!

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