Spell Check is Your Friend

in Emails from Suitors

Who needs spell check when I’m this awsome?!

Yeah, I admit I can be judgmental and picky when it comes to those I would consider dating/marrying. I’m not one of those who will settle for “good enough” because shouldn’t we all aspire for more than that if we want true happiness? We’re only talking about a lifetime commitment here (too idealistic?)

Spelling Slayer: dating you must be like dating a treadmill or like one of those hardcore southern baptist. Very judgemental…. as if you only look at what people have on paper and never the heart. Im pretty good at math… so here you go. judemental (sic) + over pickeness (sic) at your age = recipe for loniness (sic). Good Luck :)

So this gem with the spelling capacity of a 4th grader is saying that I should settle and do everyone a disservice because it’s better than to be LONELY at my decrepit age? I’m glad that he pointed out that he can do math because he sure as hell can’t spell worth a shit. I can do a little math myself: You + Dating Website + Time to judge me = You’re not doing so well either. How about You+ Spell check = a better world one word at a time?


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