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My best friend is fortunate that she no longer has to deal with the trials and tribulations of dating now that she’s happily married. However, the lovely memories of singledom of yesteryear still haunt her from time to time, especially when talking to me.

Bestie: there was this guy who stopped answering my calls, and I found him making out on photos on MySpace. Thanks for making me relive the past, bestie.
Me: Seriously?
Bestie: Yup yup. He stood me up one night. No call, no show. Luckily it was a group thing, so I totally wasn’t stranded. Didn’t hear from him. Checked his MySpace a few days later and saw pics of him with a random girl all huggy kissy. That was the end of that!
Me: *fist in the air* Ugh, what a total d-bag.
Bestie: Fist in his ass more like it, although he may have enjoyed that, so nevermind!

Thanks to social media, we don’t have to employ traditional stalking-like methods to find out why our date is being shady. I don’t know what’s worse: the fact that he stood her up, or the fact that he didn’t give a shit about posting those photos for her to see. I guess it doesn’t matter because either way, he’s an inconsiderate, sorry excuse for a man.

The fact that she’s sarcastically laughing about it now (and it’s obvious that a lot of time has passed if she’s talking about using MySpace!), just goes to show how damn fabulous my Bestie is. Although a girl can be over a guy wronging her, it’s another story to forget the atrocity. It’s fine, though, because she was never the one to waste her time on undeserving dipshits. That’s right; she knows her worth. You go ‘head with your bad self, gurrrrrl.



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