The Stripper Appeal

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What is with men and their fascination with strippers? In the club, they sell a fantasy. They’re oozing sex appeal (and maybe some pus from a genital infection) and are sweet and fun to be around. That’s because they’re WORKING for money. Don’t you guys get that? Nice + Willing + Naked = $$$$$. However, if you were to remove a stripper from her natural habitat, you’re left with a nocturnal raging alcoholic with a drug addiction and daddy issues. Yes, I know this sounds stereotypical and judgmental, but it’s true. I worked at a strip club (although not as a stripper. I have no upper body strength to man the pole. Otherwise, I would have considered it) and dated guys who have dated strippers. The stories always corroborate.

Roommate: he’s out with the stripper tonight
Me: oh nooooo. tun tun TUUUUN!!! soap opera! go get the popcorn!
Roommate: hahaha
Me: man, the stripper magic.
Roommate: he said they are just friends. she’s not that pretty
Me: the one he’s still madly in love with?
Roommate: he’s madly in love with another one who has a bf. he likes them messed up. he goes for the VERY dysfunctional ones. alcoholics, strippers, stripper alcoholics
Me: I wonder if strippers are good tippers at bars?

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