Time Reveals Truth, Sometimes

in Emails from Suitors

I was bored two evenings ago and was in the mood for a romance movie, so I signed onto Netflix and picked out “Mansfield Park” to entertain me. Here’s a very quick recount of two characters to get to the point I’m trying to make with this post. The protagonist, Fanny Price, is from a poor family but comes to live with her wealthy aunt. There, she meets a suitor, Henry Crawford, who’s portrayed as a cad. Of course, Fanny is wary of his intentions and doesn’t believe he to be a constant lover, so she declines his marriage proposal. He, however, promises to wait for her and be true. As she foretold of his inability to be trusted, he indeed proved her right because he eventually showed his true colors by having an adulterous affair with her cousin.

My point here is time will oftentimes show a person’s true intention:

LiarSo you’re just as confused by his emails, right? We were a 55% match according to OKC, so I’m assuming that’s what he’s referring to when he said we’re “so far apart from a match,” (that or it’s his excuse for why I haven’t responded?) but apparently, it’s enough of a “match” to copulate- ugh. At least he finally admitted to his true intentionĀ and also for complimenting me on my intelligence! Still, I’m not quite exactly sure where he was going with the last emailĀ and his admission of lying. I can’t handle his mind games! First you’re being honest then next you’re lying?! Waaahh??


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