To Each His Own

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Why do some men even bother messaging women they find vile or annoying or hell, even unattractive? Is it because despite being vile or annoying, we can still be redeemed because after all, we come equipped with a set of tits that can negate all shortcomings? I have a feeling some men think that by being less than friendly, they can get a girl’s attention. This is half true, but the attention they’re getting isn’t getting them anywhere near our vaginas, which defeats the purpose for many pecker carriers. Tip to men: regardless of what you may think when it comes to getting a woman’s attention, being a dick only gets you called a dickhead.



I’ll give it to him. His assumption was correct about me not responding if it weren’t for his error. What I don’t understand is if you don’t like what I’ve written, can’t you just not respond and move on? Why take the time and effort to call me out on my “ignorance”? Some people just baffle me. I’ve seen plenty of posts from women who face the same ordeal, so I’m not special here. Don’t people remember the priceless lesson we were taught by Thumper?


As for men between the ages of 20-40 who spend 2 hours every day playing video games: I have no desire to be with them. Just as some men don’t want to date women who spend 2 hours every day primping in front of a mirror, I don ‘t want to sit around and witness my guy wasting his life. I’m not here to please and like everybody much the same way you aren’t either. So, to each his own, no?

A side note: I just don’t care for guys who look like Larry the Cable Guy- especially those who pose with a beer can. I prefer men who pose with a bottle of whiskey while making it “rain”; it’s way more classy- like me!

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