Top 5 Photos NOT to Post on a Dating Website Part II

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I was secretly hoping there wouldn’t be a sequel to Top 5 Photos Not to Post , but we know darn well there are more than 5 types that are just plain unacceptable when it comes to online dating profile photos.

6. Photo of a photo:  Bro, seriously? Your profile picture shouldn’t be in the theme of the movie Inception. That huge white glare is not only obstructive but also irritating. Get a scanner. Better yet, ask someone to snap a digital photo of you when you’re out and about. I personally don’t take pictures of myself, so I ask my friends to forward them to me when they click away. It’s easy, so do it. Snapping a photo of a photo just makes you seem lazy. Also, when someone posts this kind of ridiculousness, I’m thinking it’s an outdated picture because let’s face it, when was the last time any of us printed these out anyway? This makes you seem sketchy. There’s no room for that in online dating. Tip: don’t seem sketchy.

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7. Same photos, different angles: Just pick ONE! I find it bizarre when people post pictures that are essentially identical. Odds are, most people on an online dating site aren’t magazine editors. We won’t be able to identify the subtle differences to appreciate the 5 photos of you in the same outfit against the same backdrop in the same lighting. Quit this nonsense.

Different angles

8. Lifting weights/ flexing at the gym: I get it- you work out. I read on your profile that you go to the gym 6 times a week and take great care of your body and put only healthy food in your piehole. That’s awesome. What’s not awesome is taking a selfie in the mirror in a public place, especially the gym. Finish your reps and move on, so someone else can get on the bench, you vain selfish prick. I can barely shift my boobs back into my sports bra without feeling awkward let alone bust out my cell phone to snap a photo of me flexing in the mirror. Some people have no shame.

Gym Selfie

9. Professional headshots: I’m sure there are women out there who like a snazzy formal photo of you in your business suite or with you modeling your favorite poses, but personally, I think it’s uber cheesy. Keep it on LinkedIn. Unless you’re Hugh Jackman.


10. Lying down in bed selfie: Why??? Don’t people realize it’s a very unflattering angle? Your face looks as if it’s melted into your chest and amplifies your double chin. Not to mention it’s a little too suggestive for a first impression. I’ll be honest; I focus more on the background, like if you have clean sheets on the bed or any sheets for that matter. No one likes to see dirty sheets, dude. By the way, how on Earth did people come to think this debacle along with the duck face will make sexy photos?

Melted face

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