What Discrepancy?

in Emails from Suitors

Why do some men contact me only to jab me with a snide remark? That’s not going to make me want you, buddy! I suppose I’m old-fashioned in that I like a guy to be a gentleman and oh, I dunno, be sweet?

Young Buck: The name’s Joe, I find you to be amazingly witty and perhaps a bit over the top… I can look past that minor discrepancy as long as you look past the fact that I’m 22. It’s not my age you have to worry about.. Its my ability to keep up with the “more experienced” folk these days 😛  Go ahead and message me, I’m sure I can keep you entertained. 😉

I had to read this email 2 times to search for this elusive “minor discrepancy”. Because this email did not make sense, I had to double check that I knew what “discrepancy” means, so I consulted webster.com. Ok, the definition listed is what I defined it as. So, how is there a discrepancy between being witty and over the top?  I suppose he meant flaw. Young man, the only discrepancy I find is you thinking you can keep me entertained and that I’d be interested in a 22 yr.

To help you understand the word “discrepancy”:

Age Discrepancy:                                            Math Discrepancy:

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