When Did Obesity Become the New Fit?

in Conversations with People

Me: Ppl are fkn delusional. When I hear “fit”, “athletic”, “good looking”… I really expect those things. It’s really not that subjective.
Sis: LOL. yea
Me: if you got 2 chins & beer gut, you’s aint fit nor athletic
Sis: do you express that sentiment? lol
Me: Some ppl have too much high self esteem. That’s what happens when you reward “most improved” kids in elementary school
Sis: roflmfao. yea…
Me: Yeah, they turn out to be delusional adults
Sis: we’re America… we’re fat, lazy, stupid & awesome all at the same time
Me: Who cant tell between borderline obesity and FIT? Just cuz you can FIT into your car, doesnt make you fit. Just cuz you can FIT into your XXXXXL tshirt doesn’t make you fit! omigoddddddd

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