Who Needs English When He Speaks the Language of Love?

in Emails from Suitors

I’m less judgmental when it comes to bad writing if English is your second language. Still, odds are against you because most accents sound atrocious to me. When women talk about how sexy accents are, they definitely aren’t referring to A) Spanish B) Chinese and any other countries in Asia C) Russian and the rest of the former Block D) Arabic- they always sound so angry! Frankly, if it’s not Italian, British, Australian, and French (I’m actually iffy here), it’s no bueno.

Speedy Gonzales: Im carlos and live in irving , i see u pics and u are very sexy baby i want to be u frend

Did you read it in an accent like I did? *ack* Well, I wasn’t actually looking to be someone’s ESL buddy, so yeah, I’m going to pass.

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