You’ve Peaked My Annoyance

in Emails from Suitors

As you may have gathered, I easily get annoyed with bad grammar and misspelling. It’s just one of my pet peeves, so online dating can be a little difficult because all communication begins with written correspondence. If your email has more than two errors, you’re automatically written off as a no-go. A girl has got to stick to her standards, people!

Dirty Deets: So besides looking at the picks you’ve posted I’ve taken the time to read your profile. I’m sure I might be one of the few who have lol. Very witty with your choice of words, and straight forward about what you’re looking for. If I have peaked your interest then lets move forward and get down to the dirty details about each other further.

First, if you’re going to shorthand a word, at least use the correct one. I haven’t posted anything about what I’ve chosen. Oh, you meant pics?! Second, homophones can be tricky tricky, but that’s no excuse to confuse peaked with piqued. Here’s an example: Your intellectual aptitude peaked when you were in 2nd grade, thereby my interest has not been piqued. Third, should I be honored that my photos are so enticing that it led you to want to read my profile? Omigosh, I’m soooo flattered! *Squeals* So after railing about his email, it’s only fair that I share a dirty detail about myself: I wipe from back to front! *gasps*


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